This blog will present best practices across all layers of the software development stack. From the front-end UX development all the way to the back-end data storage and retrieval. I will also present best practices involved in the development process such as specing, testing, securing, deploying, monitoring etc.

This is certainly a great time to be a developer. There are tons of open source projects out there to learn from and leverage as libraries of functionality in your application. In the enterprise space, there are some really capable cloud services to take advantage of. All of these choices can also be a bad thing as many of them are overlapping and competing for your attention. I will have to make some tough decisions, but will do so in each case based on the following criteria:

Mainstream – Adopted by a lot of people or backed by a major company. Integrates well with other technologies.
Simple – Quick to get value out of.
Platform ubiquity – Capable of running just about everywhere that makes sense.
Future relevance – Room to grow as you need new capabilities, continued support and commitment.

Everything in this blog will be kept as pure as possible, meaning as simple and straightforward with the ability to utilize what you learn in any JavaScript based environment. You can then turn around and evangelize what you find here to tell the world that Full-Stack JavaScript is a reality now, and in the future as it evolves even further.

Happy coding,

P.S. Drop me an email if you looking for some extra help on a Node.js architecture issue or need help with a document based database design . I would appreciate corresponding with anyone on the topics contained in this blog at the following email address – jsdevstack@outlook.com. For consulting inquiries, go to the main menu and fill out the form on the inquiry page.